Summer 2024 Class Schedule

July 8th – August 31st

(no closures during Summer session)

Please note that BGC does not offer make-up classes for school-aged students.


Remember – enrolling for summer gives you PRIORITY when enrolling for our very busy Fall session!


Class Recommendations:

Monday, June 3rd

Class Recommendations will be EMAILED to all students and reminders posted in the gym. 


Priority Enrollment Period (for those currently enrolled in Spring session):

Monday, June 10th – Wednesday, June 12th (Starting at 9am on Monday)

All currently enrolled students and their sibling(s) may enroll ONLINE by logging into your BGC account and enrolling in any ***coach recommended class.***  NO SPOTS ARE SAVED DURING PRIORITY ENROLLMENT.  ENROLLMENT BY EMAIL OR PHONE IS NOT AVAILABLE DURING THIS WEEK. 

***Please make sure to enroll in the coach recommended class level as we will be checking enrollments to confirm children are registered in the appropriate class level and unenrolling students who are enrolled incorrectly.  If your student is unenrolled, you will limit your class day/time options when re-enrolling for the correct class level.***    


Other Important Information:

  • Enrolling your child through iClassPro is much like attempting to get concert tickets on Ticketmaster – lots of people logging into the system at the same time and it may take awhile to select your tickets (classes) and make payment.  
  • If your student’s Class Recommendation is ‘Intermediate Plus,’ they are REQUIRED to enroll for 2 classes a week
  • If your student is recommended for any ‘Advanced’ level class, you will need to email us at with the following information (since these are invitation only classes, your spot will be saved through the Priority Period):
    • Student Name (first & last)
    • Name of the Class
    • Day & Time of the Class

Open Enrollment: 

Starts Thursday, June 13th (Starting at 9am)

Enrollment is open to all families on a space-available basis. As payment is due at the time of enrollment, the only way to enroll during this time is online. If you have questions, we are always happy to answer those over email.


School-Age Make-Up Policy: Please note that BGC does not offer make-up classes for school-aged, recreational gymnasts.

Please note that our schedule below does not reflect possibly full classes – contact us to inquire about available classes.  Classes with asterisks (*) denote two classes being offered at the same time.  Please refer to our class descriptions to find the most appropriate class for your child if you are new to BGC. If you have questions, call or email us and we’ll talk with you to help establish the most appropriate class.


**At the bottom of the schedule you may scroll to the right and down to view entire schedule of class offerings!**

Bothell Gymnastics Club – Summer : Weekly Schedule
Co-Pilots 18 mo-3 yrs / Parent-Tot ClassCo-Ed45 min9am, 10am9am, 10am9am1015am930am, 1030am, 1130am
Mini Flyers 2.5-3 yrs / Parent-Tot Transition ClassCo-Ed45 min9am, 10am10am, 11am9am930am, 1030am*, 1130am
Flyers 3 yrs / Beginning PSCo-Ed45 min9am*, 10am9am, 11am9am*, 10am*, 11am1015am, 1115am930am*, 1030am, 1130am*
Super Flyers4 & 5 yrs / Beginning Pre-KGirls45 min10am, 1115am, 4pm, 630pm930am, 345pm, 630pm9am, 10am, 11am9am, 10am, 11am, 515pm1015am, 1245pm930am, 1030am, 1130am, 1245pm
Co-Ed 4/5’s4 & 5 yrs / Beginning Pre-KCo-Ed45 min9am, 10am1015am1245pm
Jets4 & 5 yrs / Beginning Pre-KBoys45 min11am, 4pm9am, 1030am9am, 10am, 4pm, 515pm11am1015am930am, 1030am, 1130am
Boy’s KindersKindergarten / BeginnersBoys1 hr5pm345pm615pm
Jumbo Jets A1st -2nd Grade / BeginnersBoys1 hr615pm5pm1245pm
Jumbo Jets B3rd – 5th Grade / BeginnersBoys1 hr615pm730pm
Int/Adv Jumbo Jets A1st – 2nd Grade / Intermediate-AdvancedBoys1 hr5pm
Beginning Boy’s Tumbling B3rd – 5th Grade / BeginnersBoys1 hr730pm
Intermediate Boy’s Tumbling B3rd – 6th Grade / IntermediateBoys 1 hr730pm
Emerald KindersKindergarten / BeginnersGirls1 hr11am, 345pm, 5pm, 615pm9am, 915am, 1030am1115am, 345pm, 530pm, 615pm4pm, 530pm, 730pm1115am, 12pm, 145pm1245pm
Beginning Sapphires A1st & 2nd Grade / BeginnersGirls1 hr10am, 11am, 345pm*, 5pm*, 545pm, 615pm, 730pm*9am, 1015am, 1115am, 4pm, 515pm, 545pm, 730pm9am, 5pm, 615pm, 645pm, 730pm12pm, 345pm, 4pm, 5pm*, 615pm*, 730pm1015am, 1130am, 1230pm, 145pm1245pm
Beginning Sapphires B3rd – 5th Grade / BeginnersGirls1 hr430pm, 5pm, 615pm, 730pm9am, 10am, 4pm, 730pm730pm10am, 1130am, 415pm, 615pm1015am, 1230pm1245pm
Beginning Sapphires C6th – 8th Grade / BeginnersGirls1.5 hrs1130am330pm
Intermediate Rubies A1st & 2nd Grade / IntermediateGirls1.5 hrs330pm4pm, 515pm, 7pm330pm, 515pm, 10am115pm (A/B)
Intermediate Rubies B3rd – 5th Grade / IntermediateGirls1.5 hrs7pm1015am, 4pm, 545pm1130am, 330pm, 515pm515pm12pm, 115pm (A/B)
Intermediate C6th – 8th Grade / Intermediate – Adv IntGirls1.5 hrs10am, 7pm645pm
Intermediate Plus2nd-5th Grade / Advanced IntermediateGirls1.5 hrs, 2 times/wk515pm, 7pm445pm, 7pm7pm445pm, 7pm1130am
Advanced Diamonds 3rd-6th Grade / Advanced Girls1.5 hrs, 2 times/wk415pm (T/Th)415pm (T/Th)
Beg-Int Junior High / High School Gymnastics7th-12th Grade / Beginning – IntermediateCo-Ed1.75 hrs645pm645pm
Advanced Junior High / High School Gymnastics7th-12th Grade / AdvancedCo-Ed2 hrs1245pm
Preschool PlaytimeAges 5 and younger – Online reservations requiredCo-Ed1 hr9am